Stock boxes are available in single walled or double walled carton materials, depending on the weight the box has to handle. Our stock boxes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

We also offer special die-cut boxes and specialty boxes manufactured to suit your exact needs. Logos and additional info can be printed optionally as per request.

Name Of Box & Available Sizes
  • 25Kg Meat Tray
    • 580mm x 370mm x 144mm
  • 25KgMeat Lid
    • 587mm x 393mm x 144mm
  • Medium Removal
    • 500mm x 345mm x 310mm
  • Small Removal
    • 430mm x 430mm x 480mm
  • Ref 555 - Filing Box
    • 375mm x 262mm x 93mm
  • Ref 10 (Double Corrugated)
    • 540mm x 440mm x 570mm
  • Spare Trays
    • 310mm x 110mm x 110mm
    • 318mm x 155mm x 113mm
    • 310mm x 100mm x 113mm
  • Storage Tray
    • 440mm x 315mm x 230mm
  • Storage Lid
    • 457mm x 334mm x 60mm
  • 10Kg One Piece
    • 405mm x 320mm x 106mm

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